Saturday, November 30, 2013

DIY- Tassel Banner!

Well, thanksgiving is over and you know what that means- full holiday mode! Well, almost... first I have a big birthday to prepare for... my 21st is exactly 5 days away!!!! My friends and I are having a little cocktail party before we head out to the bars and we want it to be festive, so I'm currently DIYing everything and wated to share my first project! These seem to be the rage... 

It's quite simple, so heres your easy steps! 

1. Fold 1 piece of tissue paper long ways!

2. & 3. Fold it width way! (So do this twice, see picture 3 to see what it looks like)

4. The difficult step... cut the fringe (leaving two inches at the top)! Ps. Make sure the fold is on 
the top, I made this mistake and trust me it doesn't work!

5. Open up one width way and cut in half, then do it again so you have 4 sections from
 the one piece of tissue paper!!

6. Once you have your four sections, take one and open it up so there
is two ends of fringe, and start rolling like above!

7. Once you have rolled the whole piece twist it! 

8. Now grab the glue! Twist it into a loop and glue the sides together to keep it together! (you could use a glue gun as well!) Now repeat 6-8 for 3 pieces you have left! Then 1-8 with all your colors, until you reach the amount you want!!

9. LAST lay out your tassels, I didn't want just a regular a,b,c patter so I shook things up! I didn't want a lot of black so I did white, gold, gold, white, black! I really like how theres random spots of black!! Then use your twine (or type of string or ribbon) to string in the loop holes! My tassels seem to stay put when I hang it up, but you could always glue them in place to be careful!

These colors are perfect or christmas too... I think I'm going to switch out the black for some red after the big day to hang in the apartment for some holiday spirit! 

Stay tuned to see some party inspiration I will be posting from the big night! 
Till next time, xo.

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