Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Study Attire

Finals, the most dreaded time of the year for any college student! It's the week where it's acceptable to have 3 coffees a day, to get no sleep, and not get out of sweats for the entire week! But for me, I don't see why finals gives you that excuse to look like a total bum, and made it a mission to find the cutest study attire!

Tee: Urban Outfitters Pants and Necklace: Free People Boots: Target Bag: Roxy

Yesterday I spent the day at a cafe studying for my last final and these pants were absolutely perfect for the day, it pretty much felt like I was still wearing my pajamas! So to all my college fashionistas, I have found how to stay stylish yet comfy for stressful weeks like finals- harem pants! These pants are just killer, and I will be rocking them all the time from study days to shopping days! 

Now it's time for me to go kick some finals butt and be done with this semester! XO

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Winter Clean Out

With the New Year coming and Christmas around the corner I feel that it just the perfect time to do a winter clean out with my closet! I usually have separation anxiety with my clothes and have found I usually don't do a very good job cleaning out my closet, but I have come up with 3 question to ask myself when going through it all that will hopefully help!

One of my 2014 resolutions is to take risks with outfitting, so I only want to keep the items I know I can create a killer outfit with! So the next couple days before I am going to follow this list and get rid of the clothes that were so 2013!! 

What are your new years resolutions? What ever they are, might as well look good while doing it and creating more space in that closet! Plus you could maybe make some money selling those items you don't want anymore, or even better, do good by donating to a local Goodwill! Let me know if you followed this list and how it went! XO

Monday, December 16, 2013

Patch Up

Leggings, only the greatest item of clothing known to man kind. They are so comfy and can be worn anytime anywhere, I swear! I have invested in quite a few plain black ones, because they are perfect for any occusion, but recently I have been diggin the fun unquie leggings. And well, these patch up leggings are by far my favorite that I have found!

Aren't they stellar? Free People just can do no wrong, which is why they will always have my heart and be my go to brand for anything!! Their brand is amazing, from their clothes, to acessories, their online shop, and they're blog, (check it out NOW if you haven't done so), and last their new addition to their website FPMe! This is where people post their own pics wearing an item and people can view while shopping! If you don't have an account already make an account now if you are a Free Peopler and also make sure to follow me here!

Well I am off to enjoy this sunny and 75 degree weather before I head off to the windy city at the end of the week!! Xo

Friday, December 13, 2013

21 And Ready For Some Fun!

Well, the day finally came where I turned 21, and man was it an eventful day/week!! This blog post is dedicated to some of my favorite snap shots from the week plus a little DIY!

My roommates were very excited I was finally turning 21 to say the least!!

Gold Fringe Backgroud DIY

This is the perfect quick and easy background for any party to give your guests a cute photo opt, and to post on instagram! 

What you need:
2 8ft long gold door fringe from party city
1 black poster
Lace (or any kind of string to hold up your letters)

All you need to do is tac your door fringe on the wall space you would like to use. Then draw and cut out the numbers/letters you want it to say, (I did 21 as you can see)! THen punch 2 holes tie your string, and hang on the wall with tacs! THere you go, just like that you have the most festive background! I always like to have props for people to use, the week was stressful so I picked up some black and gold noise maker from party city to go with the theme! But some cute ideas are chalk board, cut outs like mustaches, big lips, get creative with what ever your theme is!! 

Plus: here are more pictures from my b-day week I just can't help but post!

My adorable and creative mother sent me these cute mini bottles decoated with feathers, beads, and leather! Can you say ultimate boho 21st!!

My fun gloves I treated myself to to prepare for the chilly days in the city of Chicago! Seriously cannot wait, 7 days in counting!!

And last, Free People made the day after my 21st not so painful by working the grand opening of their new store in La Jolla!

Enjoy, happy weekend xo