Saturday, November 30, 2013

DIY- Tassel Banner!

Well, thanksgiving is over and you know what that means- full holiday mode! Well, almost... first I have a big birthday to prepare for... my 21st is exactly 5 days away!!!! My friends and I are having a little cocktail party before we head out to the bars and we want it to be festive, so I'm currently DIYing everything and wated to share my first project! These seem to be the rage... 

It's quite simple, so heres your easy steps! 

1. Fold 1 piece of tissue paper long ways!

2. & 3. Fold it width way! (So do this twice, see picture 3 to see what it looks like)

4. The difficult step... cut the fringe (leaving two inches at the top)! Ps. Make sure the fold is on 
the top, I made this mistake and trust me it doesn't work!

5. Open up one width way and cut in half, then do it again so you have 4 sections from
 the one piece of tissue paper!!

6. Once you have your four sections, take one and open it up so there
is two ends of fringe, and start rolling like above!

7. Once you have rolled the whole piece twist it! 

8. Now grab the glue! Twist it into a loop and glue the sides together to keep it together! (you could use a glue gun as well!) Now repeat 6-8 for 3 pieces you have left! Then 1-8 with all your colors, until you reach the amount you want!!

9. LAST lay out your tassels, I didn't want just a regular a,b,c patter so I shook things up! I didn't want a lot of black so I did white, gold, gold, white, black! I really like how theres random spots of black!! Then use your twine (or type of string or ribbon) to string in the loop holes! My tassels seem to stay put when I hang it up, but you could always glue them in place to be careful!

These colors are perfect or christmas too... I think I'm going to switch out the black for some red after the big day to hang in the apartment for some holiday spirit! 

Stay tuned to see some party inspiration I will be posting from the big night! 
Till next time, xo.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Rule Breaker

White is by far my favorite color to wear, and probably my favorite color in general. I love the lightness it brings to an outfit, so it about killed me when my mom told me years ago "You cannot wear white after labor day." So as you can see with this outfit, I am a rule break, I do wear white after labor day!!

I love this white dress from brandy, its perfect to throw on for a cover up for the beach, but I have discovered this fall it is perfect for layering.  So, I grabbed my leather sleeved cargo jacket with a scarf and just like that I was able to change my cover up into a fall outfit!! And just like anyone else would do, I grabbed my chunky sweater socks and paired them with tall boots! So far all of you who still follow the silly rule of no white after Labor day, I encourage you to break some rules and find a way to turn your white into fall! 

Have a great Monday, check back for some Holiday fun this week!! XO

Monday, November 18, 2013

Fresh at the Market

If you were to ask me what my ideal day off would be, it would include a nice morning at a farmers market! Living in San Diego there are endless amounts of famers markets that I love taking advantage of to stock up on my favorite fresh fruits and veggies, and sometimes I like to splurge on some nice flowers for the apartment.

Every Saturday, Little Italy has my favorite farmers market, the street is full of different tents of all different kinds of food, and there are always people playing the guitar and singing that I just can't help but dance to when I walk by.  When deciding what to wear to the Farmers Market I always pick a favorite comfy outfit, which usually consists of a cute romper or dress with an adorable jacket to throw on to keep me warm on breezy mornings. This outfit is ideal, it's chic with a BCBGeneration jacket (which looks good over about anything) coupled with a comfy white lace romper!! The outfit alone is pretty simple but gives it the perfect opportunity to accessorize with bracelets, necklaces, and a feminine touch with the flower crown! And last but not least, to finish up the outfit, I'm throw on a pair of boots- duh, what's new! 

The above photo makes me smile, I had to throw it on here!!

If you have day off soon, I definitely recommend you grabbing a girlfriend and looking for a farmers market near you! Xo.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mid Week Motivation

"Dont strive to be better than others; strive to be better than your best self"

Everyone, no matter how "perfect" they might be compares themselves to someone, trying to be better than them.This quote reminds me to stop the comparing because that only leads to self disappointment. I'm using this quote today as my motivation to do some serious soul searching! Life can get so busy we forget to sit down, alone, in peace and quite and evaluate ourselves, write down our dreams and work towards those for OURSELVES, and not for anyone else. We are all individually unique, and we need to honor ourselves by becoming better by improving ourselves, not by trying to compet with others. 

Photo credits: Trimmed with Lace

Monday, November 11, 2013

Better Buzzed

My Drink of choice today: the best drink ever! Seriously though... San Diego's best coffee shop Better Buzz offers delicious coffee drinks including their "Best Drink Ever" which they use a special powder to make it sweet and irresistible! It gives me the perfect "buzz" to get my work done for the day!

Today I am sitting at Better Buzz next to a big garage window enjoying this 75 degree and sunny trying to look as fallish as possible with a flannel, high socks, and a beanie! I am all about dressing for seasons, and although I am enjoying this great weather it is making it difficult to dress for fall! This outfit though has some fall pieces perfect for a warm San Diego day off! 

Beanie: Free People Flannel: Forever 21 mens Tank top: Victoria Secret Pink Shorts: Brandy Melville Socks: Free People (similiar) Boots: Nordstrom

What a beautiful Veterans Day today is, thanks for all that have served and fought for our country! Thanks for reading and remember to check often for more posts! XO. 

Thursday, November 7, 2013


Too say the past month has been busy, would be an understatement! I have had so much going on, but it would be a lie to say I haven't been enjoying all that this month has brought me. From visiting my family in their new home, to receiving a new little sister (a sorority sister, DUH), and getting creative dressing up for a few fun festivities, it has been a fun filled month, and I want to share with you all a little of what I have been up to!!

1. In the beginning of October I went to visit my parents where they moved this past summer,
Milwaukee, WI

It was the beginning of the color of the leaves changing, cool chilled winds, and new adventures for my family! My days were filled with laughter while walking around the Third Ward visiting different bars, including an awesome place called Spin, where you could enjoy a fun cocktail while playing ping pong! While in WI I also got to experience every badger fan's dream by going to the Madison Homecoming football game, and couldn't get over the beutiful campus and the overwhelming amount of school spirit! My favorite part of the weekend though, was the mornings when my parents and I went to my new favorite coffee shop, Alternative. With a view of the lake, a cool hip vibe and a creative sugar skull graphic cup, no one could not be obsessed! I woke up my last day sad that it would be months till I got again and just talking about it makes me crave a sweet vanilla latte. If you are ever in the area, most definitely find yourself an Alternative Coffee Shop! 

2. My

Yes, I am a sorority girl, and I understand being in a sorority sometimes has its negative stereotypes, but I  believe that being in Gamma Phi Beta has been nothing but a positive impact on my life. My sorority has given me so many opportunities with helping find careers along with volunteer opportunities. It has also provided many memorable nights, along with girls I get to call my best friends and sisters! Last year I received the greatest role model as my "Big" and this year I was given the chance to be that same role model for who I now get to call my "Little!" I had a week full of crafting surprising her each day with a little gift (which I'm guessing she loved considering she posted the above picture on her Facebook)! Our symbol is a crescent, so on the first day I created a crescent pinata that she had to crack to receive clues about me! The days following included a chalk board that I made with a "G Phi" banner and a basket full of goodies- "I love you to the moon and back" sign (that I will soon be selling on etsy), a fuzzy blanket, and her favorite snacks and small goodies! Finally the last day was revealing where she found out I was her big, it was hands down the best day thus far in my sorority! Plus I got a cute basket full of my favorite goodies and a cute g phi painting she made for me, I guess crafting runs in the family!! Heres a cute picture of the two of us moments after the revealing!

3. Friend's 21st and Halloween most important element
Dressing up!

Finding the perfect costume is not easy, especially when you want to be creative on a budget! The first event was my friend's 21st birthday with the theme "Brittany, The Birthday Betch" where we all had to dress up with something that started with the letter B! And as you can tell from the above photo, I went as Brittany Spears "Oops I did it again" my child hood idol! The costume was so easy and also inexpensive! I wore a black skirt that I owned along with a white button up shirt, I went to good will and found a grey sweater and just cut up the center to make it into a cardigan! Then I went to joannes found cheap pink fuzzies tied those babies with my pick tail braids, and look at that the perfect Brittany Spears costume! Everyone the minute we walked into the bars knew exactly who I was, and I definitely embraced my inner Brittany Spears! Next was Halloween, where I could not decide what to be! I didn't want to spend any money so looked through my old costumes and came up with an 80's rocker! I had everything from a white petticoat skirt, to pearls, black lace gloves and a crop top with a jean vest! I brought out some cool 80s moves on the dance floor and had a blast!

Along with all these fun events, I have been swormed with school work, exams and the business part of my sorority! But I promise I will be more on top of my blog and bringing lots of fashion, inspiration, diy and everything in between! XO