Monday, November 25, 2013

Rule Breaker

White is by far my favorite color to wear, and probably my favorite color in general. I love the lightness it brings to an outfit, so it about killed me when my mom told me years ago "You cannot wear white after labor day." So as you can see with this outfit, I am a rule break, I do wear white after labor day!!

I love this white dress from brandy, its perfect to throw on for a cover up for the beach, but I have discovered this fall it is perfect for layering.  So, I grabbed my leather sleeved cargo jacket with a scarf and just like that I was able to change my cover up into a fall outfit!! And just like anyone else would do, I grabbed my chunky sweater socks and paired them with tall boots! So far all of you who still follow the silly rule of no white after Labor day, I encourage you to break some rules and find a way to turn your white into fall! 

Have a great Monday, check back for some Holiday fun this week!! XO

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